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Eternal Scatter Sentiment Ring

Wear what you love


A solid sterling Silver ring that is custom made especially for you & set with the Birthstones of your loved ones past or present, or just with the stones that you love. A special ring that you can wear everyday to remind you of the important people and significant events in your life.


The 'Eternal Sentiment' ring is designed to be scattered with up to 30 Gemstones of your choice, an example of this is the main photo featured in this listing was gifted as a 30th wedding anniversary present, each stone representing the months of the couples significant events, from their first date, to their 30th wedding anniversary, and everything in between! A very special gift. Of course you can choose as little or as many stones as you wish for any occasion that you please.


Each ring is individually handcrafted in our Stamford Workshop, meaning that you are supporting a local busniess and getting something that is original, meaningful & not available in the high street.


The 'Eternal Sentiment' ring starts at £175 in silver with a small selection of stones. The price will depend on the stones that you choose. To design your ring & wear what you love take a look at the birthstone options and contact us here to get a personal quote for your custom built ring.


Once you are decided on your stone choice we will get back to you personally within 24 hours to process your order.


As each ring is indivually hand made & we are a small independant business it will take approximately 2-3 weeks to fullfil your order, so if this is a special gift, please allow time for us to select your special Gemstones and handmake your ring. It will be worth the wait!


If you purchase this item without contacting us first you will recieve a ring with a random selection of 6 Gemstones, please contact us here first to get a personalised quote before making a purchase.

Eternal Scatter Sentiment Ring









Diamond, (Moissanite & Cubic Zirconia are alternatives)


Emerald, Lab grown Emerald




Ruby, Lab grown Ruby




Blue Sapphire, Lab grown Blue Sapphire


Pink Tourmaline


Yellow Topaz, Citrine 


Tanzanite, Blue Topaz