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Bespoke design

IMG_1672 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

If you are looking for a unique piece of Jewellery then having a bespoke piece made for you will enable you to become a part of the design process and part of the story behind it.  The process starts with  consultation to discover your requirements including budget and any ideas or preferences that you may already have.  You will be  presented with initial ideas which can be developed further with a final drawing, or computed aided rendering.    You can be assured that your Jewellery will be made with great care & expertise using the highest quality Materials & Gemstones.  A bespoke item is truly special & unique to be passed down for generations to follow.

Get a  realist idea of how your Jewellery will look with 3D Rendering 

tourmaline render_edited.jpg
bezel rings 4mm round render.jpg
garnet ring cad.png

Finished  Bespoke Designs

Lucys rings.jpg
wix edit dia ring pt john lisa.jpg
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