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Jewellery Care Guide

All Jewellery will require a little bit of attention now and again to keep it looking its best and to minimise any damage that may occur.  Here are a few tips that will help you look after your Jewellery.

Jewellery items should be removed when taking part in any activities where they could get lost, scratched or knocked.

Jewellery items should not be exposed to chemicals where possible, this includes general solutions such as household cleaning products, hair products, scents, creams, and beauty products.  If the item has been exposed wash immediately with warm soapy water.  It is advisable to always remove jewellery before entering chlorinated water.  Sudden discoloration of the metal is a sign that your jewellery has been exposed to chemicals, this is often temporary and can be removed using a Jewellery polish and  cloth.  Our Jewellery is always made with solid precious metals so if tarnish or discoloration occurs is it likely due to an external factor, not the metal itself.   Please get in touch if you require any advice.

General cleaning can be done using warm soapy water and a soft brush such as a baby toothbrush or make up brush to get into hard to reach areas. 

Certain Gemstones require specialist care, such as Emerald, Opal, Pearl, and Gemstones that have undergone certain  treatments.  You must never place these in an ultrasonic cleaner as this may cause damage. If in any doubt please contact us for specialist advice.

It is advisable to get gem set Jewellery checked periodically to prevent any loss of stones.

Natural oxidation process will cause Silver to tarnish over time, especially if worn often.  This can be removed with a standard silver polish and buffing cloth, or can be prevented by regularly polishing your Jewellery.  Moisture may cause your silver to tarnish quicker than usual, especially in humid weather, high PH levels in the body can also cause discoluration. 

If you require a more thorough clean and polish,  gem check, or repairs you can book your jewellery in here for a once over.  The cost of the service will depend on the individual piece and work required, please send details of your requirements and  you will be contacted within 48 hours with a quote.

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